Symposium Program

Monday, March 5, 2018

9:50~10:00  Opening remarks  Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka Univ.)

Session Chair : Shoko Nishihara (Soka Univ.)

10:00~10:40  Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka Univ.)
Integration of Life Science Databases through Glycomics

10:40~11:20  Hisashi Narimatsu (AIST)
ACGG-DB as semantic web tools for Glycoscience

11:20~11:40  Coffee Break

Session Chair : Issaku Yamada (The Noguchi Institute)

11:40~12:20  Masanori Arita (NIG)
Distribution of Glycosphingolipids Revealed by LipidBank

12:20~13:00  Kazuhiro Aoki (Univ. of Georgia)
Strategies and tools for comprehensive glycomics

13:00~14:30  Lunch Break

Session Chair : Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka Univ.)

14:30~15:10  Philip Toukach (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Automated NMR-based structure prediction

15:10~15:50  René Ranzinger (Univ. of Georgia)
Tools and data resources for glycomics

15:50~16:30  Nathan Edwards (Georgetown Univ.)
GNOME: A Glycan structure naming and subsumption ontology

16:30~16:50  Coffee Break

Session Chair : René Ranzinger (CCRC)

16:50~17:30   Bernard Henrissat (Aix-Marseille Univ.)
The CAZy database, a tool for enzyme discovery

17:30~18:10  Frederique Lisacek (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
What’s new on glycomics@ExPAsy

18:10~18:30  Group Photo

18:30~19:00  Free Time

19:00~21:00  Banquet

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

9:00~9:10  Coffee Break

Session Chair : Kiyohiko Angata (AIST)

9:10~ 9:50  Sriram Neelamegham (State Univ. of New York)
Glycoinformatics tools to analyze and curate large scale experimental datasets

9:50~10:30  Matthew Campbell (Griffith Univ.)
UniCarbKB and GlycoStore: Expanding Data Coverage

10:30~10:50  Coffee Break

Session Chair : Frederique Lisacek (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

10:50~11:30  Leyla Garcia (EBI)
Glycomics, proteins and genes

11:30~12:10  Genji Kurisu (Osaka Univ.)
Ligand representation and validation in the Protein Data Bank

12:10~12:50  Susumu Goto (DBCLS)
Life Science Database Integration Using Linked Data

12:50~14:00  Lunch break

Session Chair : Nicolle Packer (Macquarie and Griffith Universities, Australia)

14:00~14:40  Yasushi Ishihama (Kyoto Univ.)
Proteomic data integration and sharing by jPOST repository/database

14:40~15:20  Akiyasu C. Yoshizawa (Kyoto Univ.)
Posting more precisive pictures of proteomes

15:20~15:40  Coffee Break

15:40~16:30  Discussion

Closing remarks  Toshisuke Kawasaki (Ritsumeikan Univ.)