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A variety of databases in the glycoinformatics field has been developed in different countries as a result of glycoscience research projects. However, the usage of these developed databases has grown difficult because of the closure of databases that correspond to the ending of projects. The closure of databases has become an obstacle in glycoscience research. The Glycoinformatics Consortium is found to solve these obstacles and glycoinformaticians to develop databases and tools with a coalition.

The purpose of Glycoinformatics Consortium(GLIC) is to provide and maintain a centralized source of software repository for the glycoscientists. In addition, it is aimed to be provided as a communication point for glycoscientists and glycoinformaticians.


List of past and upcoming meetings.

Members List

Helpful page to know about GLIC members.

Database Resources

List of database resources with detailed information available specifically for glycoinformaticians.

Software Tools

List of software tools with detailed information available specifically for glycoinformaticians.

List of Documentation

List of documentation of carbohydrate sequence and symbol

Wish List

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The list of tools that are being developed is located here.


List of survey forms that we would like members to fill out to help improve GLIC and other resources.

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